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Rachel Shields



Woodstock, VT


Supportive developmental editor and writing coach for authors working to prepare a MS for submission, self-publishing, or just personal fulfillment. Project editor, copyeditor and proofreader for publishers around the country, ensuring clarity, flow, and accuracy of grammar, spelling, style, and layout.


Seven years' experience as an editor for publishers around the country, both in-house and freelance, and as a writing coach for independent authors.

Publishers I've worked for as a freelancer include:

University Press of New England (Dartmouth College's publishing arm)

Chelsea Green

InterVarsity Press

Hay House

Abingdon Press

Turner Publishing

B&H Academic

Rainbow Publishers and Legacy Press

Trainers Publishing House


"Rachel Shields has been a valuable help in preparing my manuscripts for publication. Her suggestions on structure, tone, and grammar were thoughtful and encouraging and resulted in better organized content with a more fluid plot. She indicated problem areas with tact which was most appreciated. Anyone looking for a competent editor and/or reviewer would not be disappointed in choosing Rachel for your team." --Youcef Stambouli, independent author

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