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In fall of 2015, two senior Professional Writing Majors from Champlain College, Kara Joyce and Amanda Wedegis, began interning with the League of Vermont Writers (LVW), an organization dedicated to bringing writers together from around the state of Vermont. They took on responsibilities such as dealing with the monthly e-newsletters, contributing to and help laying out the quarterly newsletter known as League Lines, and several other projects of their own choosing that contributed to the League’s mission and general upkeep.

Upon their graduation, LVW decided that they would like to continue the internship partnership with Champlain College, and Cynthia Anderson, another senior Professional Writing Major. Cynthia followed in her predecessors’ footsteps with the monthly e-newsletters and other projects relating to the League and its day-to-day operations.

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Within the first few weeks of her internship, Cynthia and the LVW's President at the time, Alyssa Berthiaume, came up with an idea for Cynthia’s senior year project, or Capstone as it is known at Champlain. So was born the idea for this Directory of Vermont Writing Resources. Beginning during Cynthia’s fall semester and continued through the spring, this directory was created through networking, website design, and long hours of decision-making.

In putting together this directory, Cynthia sorted through many submissions, all written in different formats and styles, and used her best discretion to make decisions regarding the assembly, content, classification, and navigation of the information presented here.


Cynthia Anderson created this directory as her final project before graduating from Champlain College's Professional Writing Program in 2017. Originally hailing from rainless Southern California where she did little to take advantage of almost 365 days of sun, preferring to spend her spare time indoors with her nose buried in books, Cynthia has always been drawn to the written word. Growing up in the land of unending summer, she found the strangest assortment of activities that she could to keep herself indoors and away from the heat, such as ice skating, ballroom dancing, and martial arts. By the time she was 13, she had convinced herself to pursue a career involving writing, and so began the path to Champlain and the world of publishing. If you are interested in seeing some of Cynthia’s own work, you can find it at


While interning with the League of Vermont Writers in her final two semesters of college, Cynthia began putting together this directory, hoping to leave behind something that could contribute to the writing community scattered throughout the Green Mountain State. The site is now maintained and updated by the League of Vermont Writers’ leadership.


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