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Geoffrey Gevalt



Burlington, VT


My professional writing/editing experience has been mostly in newspapers, but also in radio and magazines. My work has focused on narrative writing, investigative research, use of data and complex multi-part and multi-participant series. I have written breaking news and in-depth series, covered everything from medicine to banking to courts to outdoors/sports to the arts. I have edited small teams and large projects and have led newsrooms.


My work in founding and developing Young Writers Project has focused on making writing interesting and rewarding for youths while helping them gain a fundamental life skill -- the ability to express themselves. I have used Web sites and digital media to create safe, civil communities for youths to take risks knowing they will be supported by peers and mentors; offered guidance and formal workshops to help youths gain practice and skills and published best work to give them affirmation. I have unique knowledge in data collection and analysis, digital marketing, publishing and a host of skills required to be a good journalist. I continue to write almost daily for myself and on various online locations.


For a glance at the main work we do with youth, go to We also provide professional development for teachers, residencies for schools and online formal workshops for youths for school credit or not. YWP works with teachers in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Austria and Poland.


A journalist for 33 years, won numerous state, regional and national awards for my work as a writer and editor. Juror for the Pulitzer Prizes in Beat Reporting for two years. Taught Master's level courses to teachers in how to more effectively teach writing. Founded and run Young Writers Project which has connected with, and helped, 100,000 youths since 2006. Publishes monthly digital magazine and annual anthology of best youth work. Develop web sites used as civil respectful writing/digital media communities for youth.

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