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Jean W. Yeager

Lucky Phone Call Publishing



What makes me different is that I am able to write with MARK TWAIN STYLE “RABBIT SAUSAGE” CREATIVE NONFICTION. By that I mean that Twain was asked if his non-fiction work was true and he replied that he asked a German Sausage Maker if the sausage maker’s Rabbit Sausage was 100% rabbit. The sausage maker replied: “Vell I do cut me rabbit sausage mit yust a bit of horsemeat.” Twain then asked how much horsemeat? The sausage maker replied: “Not much, yust von to von – von horse to von rabbit!”


I started my career as an advertising / p.r. / corporate speechwriter.  by the end of my career, I had 26-linear feet of work which is now in HARTMAN CENTER COLLECTION FOR THE THE HISTORY OF ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS AT  DUKE UNIVERSITY.


These days I am finishing longer projects. Books. Three Act plays.  And I have several feature film scripts I am trying to sell. 


I have also been shopping around what may be the first one-act play about the opioid epidemic: DANTE IN JIFFY LUBE.

I also am a timeline wonk. Visit my timeline blog: and go from there to eJunkie to purchase copies for your memoir writing or historical background, genealogical or wonkish research needs.


In addition to writing, for the last 15 years or so I have taught self-development classes in maximum security prisons and jails. Until the COVID I was also active in the Rutland restorative justice work.

Fiction Writer - 2020 Won Short Story Category in the Ageless Authors competition for “Old Pirates Of The Heart.”


Independent Author - My Writing Website:


Journalist – I have helped local not-only-for-profits like Habitat for Humanity get articles placed in local media.


Nonfiction Writer - Amazon Author Site:


Screenwriter - New England Film Member:


(Former) Corporate/PR Speechwriter


Playwright - National New Play Exchange


Humor/Comedy - Lower 1/2 of this web site


Blog -


I earned a BA in English Lit in 1970 from Colorado State University at the height of the Vietnam war. In ‘71, I completed one year on an MA in Radio-TV-Film. When I missed Vietnam I got a job in newspaper editorial and book publishing (pre-digital). Then I got a job writing comedy radio commercials for 7-Eleven and set up my own freelance Creative Services business. Please check out all the Rabbit Sausage at: including some online radio comedy ads that will make you laugh. 

Contact Information

38 Kendall Ave. Rutland, VT 05701

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