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Bill Schubart



Hinesburg, VT


Self-publishing Today: Until recently, authors chose between dealing with publishing’s gatekeepers – editors and agents, or vanity publishing – paying someone to overlook your literary shortcomings and make and publish your book under their imprint. The old world of the gatekeepers broke down into “coherent” publishing brands like Grove Press and Harlequin Romance and “incoherent” publishing brands like Harper-Collins and Random House. With coherent brands, the consumer knew intuitively the type of book the brand published, while with incoherent brands the consumer knew only that the brand published books. There were illustrious houses like Knopf and Farrar, Straus & Giroux, known for topflight literature and then there was perhaps the best known vanity publisher, Vantage Press.


Today, the vacuum between vanity publishing and conventional publishing has been populated with authors choosing to self-publish and services to help them do so. This is made possible by the removal of the long-standing and costly barrier-to-entry - offset printing an initial inventory that may or may not sell. Authors now have the more cost-effective option to print-on-demand. Self-publishing is flourishing across the spectrum from true vanity publication to self-publishers of critically acclaimed works.


Bill will discuss his choice to self-publish and the challenges, opportunities, exigencies, and costs that self-publishing presents for an author.


Fiction author

Speaker at Book Expo- NY (X3) and IPNE

VPR commentator

Book distribution service provider

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